Raising your voice during Carers Week 2020

Carers are some of the most important and vital members of our society, and this Carers Week is working to Make Caring Visible.

Each year, 8 to 14 June marks Carers Week, where carers across the UK are celebrated for the crucial work they do. And this year, due to the ongoing pandemic, more support and guidance is necessary to support carers who are under increasing pressure.

Did you know: unpaid carers save the state £132 billion annually – close to the cost of a second NHS.


A carer is someone who provides unpaid care and support to a family member or friend who has a disability, mental or physical illness, substance misuse, and someone who may need additional help as they age.

Caring is something that will affect each and every one of us in our lifetime, whether we become a carer, or need care ourselves. 

Roles and responsibilities of unpaid carers can vary dependent on the needs of the person you care for.

This could be doing the shopping, preparing meals, to dispensing medication or providing day and night mobility care, including ensuring correct hygiene.

There are currently 6.5 million people caring, unpaid, across the UK. Even so, many people don’t consider themselves as carers.


The theme for this year’s Carers Week is Making Caring Visible – a poignant move to celebrate and highlight carers that have been invaluable during the current pandemic.

Many carers are taking on additional responsibilities or even becoming a carer for the first time.

In order to spotlight the powerful work unpaid carers do, Carers Week is working hard to ensure we can all make caring visible.

From sharing your experience online, writing to your local MP to change policies, printing a poster to showcase in your window, and join virtual community groups and beyond: 2020 is the year of making caring visible.


Caring can become a full-time job, alongside additional personal responsibilities such as work or education.

For this reason many carers their position can have an impact on their own mental or physical health. Depending on the amount or type of care being provided and the length of time in the day caring, carers may feel isolated.

By Making Caring Visible everyone can work to ensure more carers are supported and recognised by professionals to ensure people are signposted to the right organisations.

From Carers Scotland, Age UK, Carers Trust Scotland, Motor Neurone Disease Association, Oxfam GB, Rethink Mental Illness (the six charities supporting Carers Week) and the Carers Week website, you can find the right information and support to meet your needs.

Are you a carer? Share your experiences with the #EnableCommunity on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

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