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Actor Jamie Brewer has made big steps in breaking down barriers and tackling discrimination. Based in the USA, Jamie shares her experience of lockdown.

Well known for her time on American Horror Story, campaigning to change the use of discriminatory language used against people living with Down’s syndrome, Jamie is not afraid of standing out.

Even in lockdown, Jamie has taken the changes in her stride and has some excellent tips for the #EnableCommunity

Hi Jamie, it’s great to speak with you again. How are you adapting to life in lockdown?

I’m doing really good, I have had to make some changes to daily life, like everyone else.

 I’ve been keeping busy doing Taekwondo, fitness classes and dance parties via Zoom, and I love it.  I have also done a couple of workshops, auditions, and script readings via BlueJeans.

Can you offer any advice to our readers to help maintain positive mental health at this time?

Staying positive, never give up.

Look for things to do around the house. Always hope for a better tomorrow. Helping and assisting others, equals you helping yourself.

Always listen to your heart for the answers.  BEING YOURSELF AND ENJOYING LIFE.

Finally, what book, podcast, boxset or activity have you discovered over the past few weeks that you would like to share with our readers?

I started to do fitness games on Wii Plus again. I have been swimming a lot midday and at night in our pool.  

I also watch cooking shows like Master Chef and Sugar Rush baking shows. I am enjoying Mother Nature’s sunshine and getting a tan, too.

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