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Although our favourite soaps may have been put on pause, Emmerdale’s James Moore reveals how he is surviving lockdown during Enable Asks.

James Moore had an extraordinary 2019, winning Best Newcomer during the National Television Awards for his depiction of Ryan Stocks in Emmerdale; not to mention his work advocating for inclusion.

Unfortunately, the soaps were forced to take a break due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, but James is not letting lockdown hold him back.

Hi James, it’s great to have you involved with Enable Asks. How are you adapting to life in lockdown?

Quarantine is going well. I’m very lucky to be self-isolating with my girlfriend, as she is only working once a fortnight currently.

It’s still quite strange not being able to go out as we used to, but we have adapted by playing lots of video games, catching up with Netflix shows, and we have just begun to do a date night once every two weeks, where we get dressed up and cook dinner for each other.

Can you offer any advice to our readers to help maintain positive mental health at this time?

I’d say, the key things to remain positive during this time are: to remember that this is temporary and life will eventually return to normal.

Do keep active within regulations – my wheelchair has a bike attachment so me and my girlfriend take a bike ride together most days, it’s nice to get out and get fresh air for a bit – don’t feel like you need to be constantly cooped up inside.

Order yourself a treat every now and then. Go on Amazon and buy that game or console or box set you’ve wanted for ages. Having things to look forward to keeps you excited about the future and helps you keep a positive mindset.

Finally, what book, podcast, boxset or activity have you discovered over the past few weeks that you would like to share with our readers?

As we all probably have, I’ve been watching a lot of TV.

We binged Tiger King, which was fantastic, and we are now on our second viewing.

I’ve also started Peaky Blinders which I’m really enjoying, along with a lot of WWE and the Vice documentary Dark Side of the Ring. I’m also playing Red Dead Redemption 2, which I’m loving, and my girlfriend has been playing the new Animal Crossing.

How are you staying entertained during lockdown? Share your tips with the #EnableCommunity on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. Or, why not tell us who you want to see in the next Enable Asks?

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