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Lucky Louise

Louise Thompson starred in reality TV show Made in Chelsea for eight years. Since appearing on the programme, she’s won more fans thanks to her honesty in documenting her experiences of birth trauma, living with ulcerative colitis, and having a stoma

Hoe Grange Holidays Wins Top National Award for Accessible & Inclusive Tourism

Hoe Grange Holidays, a beacon of accessibility nestled in the Derbyshire Peak District, has been honoured with the prestigious gold award for Accessible and Inclusive Tourism at the 2024 VisitEngland Awards for Excellence. The award demonstrates their commitment to excellence and their status as leaders in the field of inclusive holiday experiences

Born to Stand Out

Stand Out Socks co-founder Christian shares his business’s mission to empower learning disabled people towards financial independence 

Threads of Change

Even in 2024, disabled people are still underrepresented in mainstream fashion and often unable to wear off-the-rail clothes. Kate Stevenson speaks to two adaptive clothing designers to find out more 

What Makes Us Tic

It’s Tourette’s Awareness Month this June – we spoke to two people with a diagnosis to find out more about living with the neurological condition and helping increase acceptance 

LUCY EDWARDS: How does a Blind Girl…

Award-winning television presenter, author and disability activist Lucy Edwards lost her sight aged 17 due to incontinentia pigmenti. She chats to Enable magazine about her life in front of the lens

A Marathon Effort

Paralympian Richard Whitehead MBE speaks to our Editor about his recent World Record-breaking run, while Dr Julie McElroy explains how she got into competitive racing…

Still the Same You

Jenny Clarke MBE talks exclusively to Enable about SameYou, the charity she founded with her daughter, actor Emilia Clarke MBE, after Emilia suffered two brain aneurysms

Your perfect PA?

Samantha Renke shares her experiences of looking for a Personal Assistant, and offers her top tips to help you find support that suits

Global Accessibility Awareness Day: Get About… A Bit

Fancy a new outfit? How about meeting up for a meal? Imagine simply hopping on a bus to town, or going to a restaurant without researching access first… Disabled peoples’ ability to access the highstreet continues to be an issue. We find out more

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