Why we Wouldn’t Change a Thing this Down’s Syndrome Awareness Month

Today (1 October) marks the start of Down’s Syndrome Awareness Month, and charity Wouldn’t Change a Thing are going creative to highlight the condition.

Across the UK there are an estimated 40,000 people with Down’s syndrome, which means people are born with an extra chromosome. 

This happens by pure chance and every person is unique with their own level of abilities, and everyone with Down’s syndrome is to be celebrated.

Changing perceptions and attitudes around Down’s syndrome is charity Wouldn’t Change a Thing.


The charity started after a video of parents and their children, who have Down’s syndrome, singing went viral in 2018.

The mums in this video and the dad who created it met online and got together to show the world just how ordinary and fun life with the Down syndrome is and how they “Wouldn’t Change a Thing”. 

Since the viral success, the charity has had many other successful campaigns raising awareness of Down’s syndrome and helping to change perceptions’ and stigma.


Celebrating the start of Down’s Syndrome Awareness Month, Wouldn’t Change a Thing have returned with a brand-new video and single.

The track, entitled Wouldn’t Change a Thing, or #WCAT, is an urban track positively tackling how mainstream individuals might feel uncomfortable around disability and why. 

Performed and written by The Bitterati and produced by Simon Frankland, who’s daughter Neive has Down’s syndrome.

Simon enthuses “I was so honoured to be given the opportunity to produce a song that would deliver a clear message about diversity within our community and specifically people with disabilities. 

“The title ‘Wouldn’t Change A Thing’ is exactly how I feel about my daughter Neive.

“My friends and colleagues in the music industry know how much this means to me and my wife Clare, they all have pulled out the stops to be involved and produce what I believe is a groundbreaking, fresh and contemporary song, that we are very proud of and I am confident it will be a success.”

The single is accompanied by a multi layered campaign across social media of Images, short videos, interviews, Tik Toks and more, the theme for this year’s awareness month centres around the hashtags #OurTruth and #WouldntChangeAThing and will portray exactly why the families Wouldn’t Change A Thing.

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