Supporting autistic shoppers during Autism Hour Week

Credit: The National Autistic Society

The National Autistic Society’s Autism Hour has returned for its second year. Last year saw over 5,000 retailer taking part in the world’s first mass participation Autism Hour, and this year is no different.


Taking place from Saturday 6 October to Saturday 13 October, Autism Hour will see organisations from shopping centres to businesses becoming autism aware. For autistic people the world can be full of too much information.

To support the needs and adjustments of autistic people leading charity the National Autistic Society launched the Too Much Information campaign to challenge myths, misconceptions and stereotypes of autism.

Part of the campaign involves asking shops and businesses to organise an Autism Hour, taking simple steps for 60-minutes leading to a more autism-friendly world.


Simple adjustments from dimming lights to turning down music can make environments more autism-friendly. With an estimated 700,000 people across the UK on the autistic spectrum the call for improved understanding and inclusivity is imperative.

Alongside adapting lights and sounds, organisations are being encouraged to learn more about autism and share information to the general public about Autism Hour to help spread knowledge on the small adjustments that can help people on the autistic spectrum.


After the great achievement of last year’s campaign, 2018 will see even more organisations getting involved. From eating out, shopping, leisure centres, to fashion outlets: The National Autistic Society is providing an interactive map for autistic people, their family and friends, to know accessible destinations to go and the organisations getting involved.

This year over 8,000 shops and businesses have signed up to Autism Hour and it’s clear the campaign is going from strength to strength.

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