Motoring: An easy, trouble free ride with Nissan’s smart technology

With Nissan you get more than a car: your safety, needs and the things you love are always at the forefront of the design. We explore the smart technology helping you to have a safer and worry-free ride. 


NissanConnect Services[1] brings you closer to your Nissan than ever before, connecting your vehicle seamlessly with your smartphone. Simply download the NissanConnect app and unlock a host of helpful features: send your destination to your Nissan ahead of the journey using Door-to-Door navigation; receive live traffic updates for a hassle-free ride; and enjoy music and podcasts on the go with Apple CarPlayTM or Android AutoTM.

For your 100% electric Nissan LEAF, download the NissanConnect EV app[1] to unlock additional features specific to this vehicle. You can even warm your car up using the app if you wake up on a cold morning and want to heat your LEAF ahead of your journey. Equipped with the app, you don’t have to worry about how much charge your vehicle battery has: as soon as your vehicle is charged the app will let you know, allowing you to make the most of your time while you charge.

When you’re on the road, NissanConnect[1] can even find vehicle charging stations near you and provide the quickest route to get you there. 

Safety and experience

When you get behind the wheel of a Nissan, your safety and driving experience is a top priority. Nissan’s Intelligent Mobility Technology.[2] will help to give you peace of mind and assist with everyday driving tasks that might require extra effort. 

Activate ProPILOT[3] in the 100% electric Nissan LEAF or the next generation Nissan Juke and the car will help to  keep you at a pre-set distance from the car ahead as well as centred in your lane. ProPILOT can even help to bring your car to a halt when the motorway traffic in front stops, then set off when motorway traffic moves again. 

There are a host of features in your Nissan that act as an extra pair of eyes to help you when driving. 

If you ever park and open your car door to check you are in the lines, from now on you can get help from the Nissan Intelligent 360° Around View Monitor[4],. Using four cameras placed around the vehicle, you are shown a birds-eye view on the NissanConnect screen, helping you to see the vehicle’s position relative to the lines around parking spaces: parking has never been so easy. 

Other clever tech features include Intelligent Emergency Braking[5] which monitors the area in front of the car. If the technology detects a risk of forward collision and you do not respond, the vehicle will apply the brakes, helping to avoid or reduce damage caused by a collision. 

When you’re driving, particularly on motorways and dual carriageways, and a vehicle is in your blind spot, the Blind Spot Warning lights will illuminate.[6] Similarly, Lane Departure Warning[7] will help if you’re driving and stray out of your vehicle lane, as a warning light will flash and an audio alert will sound.

Access the things you love

If you love to listen to music or podcasts when out on the road, then you will love the 100% electric Nissan LEAF’s Bose® Sound System.[8] With seven high-performance speakers, each carefully and precisely engineered for optimum performance, it will transform how you listen to music on the go. 

With the next generation Nissan Juke, there’s even more ways to connect to the things you love during your journey. With Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa compatibility[9] you can add your Juke as a paired device to get information about your vehicle and control it with your voice such as asking Google or Alexa to send your destination to your vehicle instead of typing in the details into your sat nav before you set off on your journey. With Bose® Personal® Plus audio[10] the comfortable, ergonomic monoform sport seats in your vehicle feature inbuilt Bose® headrest speakers for both the driver and front passenger, giving you a better sound experience. 

The new Nissan Juke also includes In-car internet[11] allowing you to use your car as a WiFi hotspot to connect to the internet on board and plug in your smartphone to access your music and text messages safely with NissanConnect.[1]

Choose the perfect Nissan to suit your needs today –

  1. Connecting a mobile phone to NissanConnect with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto should only be done when the car is parked safely. Use of the system should always be in accordance with the Highway Code. Users should be aware of the potential for hands-free technology to distract attention from the road which could impact on having full control of the vehicle. For compatible devices, visit Services standard on Nissan Juke Acenta grade and above. NissanConnect Services & NissanConnect EV standard on LEAF Acenta grade and above. 
  2. It is your responsibility to stay alert, drive safely and be in control of the vehicle at all times. Driver assist features have speed and other limitations and should not be solely relied on. For more information, please refer to the owner’s manual or visit
  3. ProPILOT is an Advanced Driver Assist technology but cannot prevent collisions. ProPILOT is intended for “Eyes on/Hands On” for highways only (road separated by barriers). It is the driver’s responsibility to stay alert, drive safely and be in control of the vehicle at all times. For more information, please refer to the owner’s manual or visit ProPILOT standard on Juke Tekna grade and above (DCT variants only), LEAF Tekna grade and above.
  4. Around View Monitor standard on Micra Tekna grade, Juke Tekna grade and above, Qashqai N-Connecta grade and above, LEAF N-Connecta grade and above.
  5. Intelligent Emergency Braking standard on Micra Acenta grade and above, all Juke grades, Qashqai Acenta Premium grade and above, LEAF Acenta grade and above.
  6. Blind Spot Warning standard on Micra Tekna grade and above, Juke Tekna grade and above, LEAF Acenta grade and above.
  7. Lane Departure Warning standard on all Micra grades, all Juke grades, Qashqai Acenta Premium grade and above, LEAF Acenta grade and above.
  8. Bose® Premium Audio System with 7 speakers standard on LEAF Tekna grade and above. 
  9. Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa Integration standard on Juke Acenta grade and above
  10. Bose® Personal® Plus Audio System standard on Juke Tekna grade and above. 
  11. Juke WiFi hotspot available from Acenta grade for an additional charge on subscription. Data packages obtained via Orange in accordance with their terms and conditions. Download the NissanConnect app to find out more.

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