Surestop: Enabling fast response to water leaks

Flooding in a home has the potential to cause catastrophic damage and disruption to homes and occupiers. Surestop provides a fast response to water leaks.

The potential water loss from a burst pipe in a typical house can equate to 400 litres (two baths of water) if the water supply is stopped quickly. However, if left unchecked for a full day, as much as 9,600 litres of water (48 baths of water) will flow into the home. 


In addition to the loss of property, the impact and disruption to the lives of home occupiers is immeasurable. Even after relatively small floods properties can be deemed too risky or ‘hazardous to health’ and occupiers have to move out or relocate until the damage is repaired. 

Leigh Randell, regional sales manager at Surestop says: “All homes are at risk of domestic flooding and according to the leading UK domestic insurer, Direct Line, the average household cost for damage caused by burst water pipe is £7000, with the smallest of leaks quickly becoming an expensive issue to rectify.

“Where adaptive equipment, specialist bathroom and or kitchen installations are present these costs can escalate considerably. Aside from the immediate loss of personal property and equipment to water damage, there is secondary damage to consider and the health implications of living in a damp environment.”

That is why for all domestic properties it is important that a stopcock is accessible and easily turned off in an emergency. 


A Surestop stopcock is a unique mechanical device enabling the safe management of water use in the home. It simply replaces a traditional stopcock brass tap and includes a switch that can be placed in an easily accessible place or controlled with an app on a smart phone for use with the Surestop i-water control. 

With the simple flick of the switch, or swipe of an app, the Surestop stopcock instantly turns off the water to the bathroom, kitchen or whole property dependent upon the installation site. It is an easily installed and low-cost safety measure that should be considered for every home. 

Further information about the Surestop alternative stopcock range visit their website here.

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