It’s Time for a Cuppa with Dementia UK

Make time for a brew with Dementia UK as part of their ten-year celebration of Time for a Cuppa – supporting specialist dementia nurses.

From 1 to 8 March, Time for a Cuppa is an annual event where people across the UK host a tea party to raise funds for Admiral Nurses.

Who doesn’t love sitting with friends and family reminiscing over the good times with tea and biscuits?

Now, you can do it for a fantastic cause.


Dementia is a syndrome – or a group of related symptoms – associated with the ongoing decline of brain function.

Symptoms and problems can include, most commonly, memory loss, thinking speed, judgement and understanding, mood, all the way to carrying out daily activities. 

There are many different causes of dementia. Alzheimer’s disease is a type of dementia, alongside vascular dementia, make up the most common forms of the condition.


Starting back in 2009 as part of A Tea Party to Remember, organised by a group of carers, the event was to celebrate the people who care for those living with dementia, which can be a full-time job.

Encouraging people to take time out, spend time together and raise awareness of dementia and the care Admiral Nurses provide, Time for a Cuppa grew into an annual event and informative week.

After the first year, where £8,500 was raise, Time for a Cuppa hosts have eaten around 173,280 slices of cake; drunk around 21,660 gallons of team, and raised £760,966.73 to fund 30 new Admiral Nurses.


The work Admiral Nurses do is vital for the care of people living with dementia.

Supporting 6,000 or more people with dementia, Admiral Nurses provide expert practical, clinical and emotional care for families. 

Living with dementia can be challenging for everyone involved. An Admiral Nurse works to provide one-to-one support, advice, and is an important lifeline to many people.

If communication becomes challenging, nurses can provide skills and techniques to stay connected with your loved one. 

 Answering questions to providing advice on learning how to cope: Admiral Nurses are imperative to living happily with dementia.


There is still time to get involved with the event, either as a group or individual.

You can contact Dementia UK, who will provide your free Time for a Cuppa pack, newsletters, materials and activities for your tea party and much more. 

You can get involved during this week, or hold your tea party at a time that suits you.

How are you getting involved? Show us your tea party on Twitterand Instagram.

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