Take the worry out of going out with the AccessAble app

Read through thousands of access guides on the app which aims to transform the quality and availability of accessibility information.

Disability organisation AccessAble has launched a new mobile app to improve the quality of accessibility information.


The organisation is behind Blackpool’s Access Guides and has worked alongside Blackpool Council and VisitBlackpool for more than a decade to ensure disabled people can have the best experience during their visit.

The new free app covers 180 venues in the resort including top tourist attractions like Pleasure Beach and Blackpool Tower. Leisure centres, parks and gardens, restaurants, shops and transport are also featured.

The app provides access guides to thousands of places across the UK and Ireland, not just Blackpool.


Available on both iOS and Android, users can create a profile on the app and set their own preferences using accessibility symbols. They can then browse and save their favourites.

The app allows disabled people to have spontaneous days out without the need to scour the web for accessibility information.

It takes away the possibility of disappointment on arrival with step-by-step descriptions, facts, figures and photographs of how accessible a particular place is.

Each guide is created having been visited by an AccessAble Surveyor. Surveyors can collect over 1,000 pieces of information for one venue.

The new app is integral in getting detailed, reliable information to disabled people around the UK.

To download the app visit the Apple Store or Google Play Store. For more information click here.

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