Independence at home with Uccello

At Uccello, the company make people’s lives easier by designing and manufacturing stylish and innovative assistive products.

Most people would not think twice about pouring hot water from a kettle, but for those of us who may have limited strength, visibility, mobility or dexterity, this simple task can be challenging. 


The general aesthetics of many assistive living products seems to be primarily focused on function, leading to products looking like they belong in a hospital and not our home. 

With the Uccello Kettle, the product was designed for one person so it could be enjoyed by all. 

The key design challenge was coming up with a kettle that allowed water to be poured without lifting.

Unlike other kettles and kettle-tippers, the circular shape of the Uccello Kettle, combined with its rotating cradle, moves around the body of water to assist the flow of the pour, so you don’t have to lift, balance or strain. 


In restoring some independence and security, you can relax and enjoy a cuppa without any of the worries normally present when pouring hot water. 

This October, Uccello celebrates their sixth birthday and has just been announced the winners of the UK’s GHP Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Awards 2020 for the Hot Water Pouring Solution.

To date, Uccello has been able to positively impact close to 300,000 people around the world, bringing safety, independence, and a happier experience to the kitchen. 

If you would like to know more about the Uccello Kettle or you wish to purchase your very own, visit their website here and connect with Uccello on Facebook.

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