Amazon adds text banner to Fire TV and Prime Video to improve accessibility for visually impaired people

Amazon has unveiled a new feature for people with a narrow field of vision to make their streaming services more accessible. 


Text Banner for Fire TV, a new assistive technology, has been designed for customers who are visually impaired to make onscreen text easier to read. 

The new feature consolidates any on screen text in to a compact, written banner that appears in a fixed location on the screen. The banner allows people with a visual impairment to view the title of the item they are focussing on along with related text like the title and description of a film or show and star ratings. 


Customers will have the ability to customise colours along with box and text size so that they can view items more easily and in a way that makes sense to them. 

The new Text Banner feature is compatible with the entire Fire TV user interface, Prime Video and other applications, making it easier for people enjoy films, videos and TV shows. 

To turn the assistive technology feature on and customise this, visit Settings>Accessibility>Text Banner. 

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