Workplace accessibility through technology: How speech recognition helps businesses boost accessibility

Computer software company Nuance are bringing together a panel of experts this June to discover the power of assistive technology.

Of the 8.4 million disabled people of working age in the UK, only around 52 per cent are currently employed. In fact, disabled people are around a third less likely to be employed than those without a disability.

And though many are unable to work, there’s likely a high percentage of the four million currently unemployed disabled adults who could take on a wide variety of roles – with the right accessibility adjustments in place.

Reasonable adjustments are a requirement of the Equality Act 2010, but finding the tools to help employees work effectively can be a difficult task. By listening to the experts, and talking directly to your employees to understand their requirements, you can ensure you’re providing the support everyone needs to reach their full potential.

That’s why Nuance is bringing together a group of industry heavyweights –including accessibility leaders from GSK and ING Bank – for an interactive roundtable about workplace inclusivity and speech recognition’s role in accessibility.

Dragon gives your voice control

Speech recognition has long been a core component of accessibility, but many tools lack the accuracy and ease of use that would make them truly useful for disabled employees.

Nuance have spent years developing their Dragon speech recognition engine to provide fast, accurate speech-to-text through an intuitive tool. It’s ideal for both employees and students with disabilities, from physical impairments to cognitive difficulties.

Dragon gives users full voice control, with the ability to navigate apps and browsers using voice commands and complete notes, documents, and forms using speech-to-text. It provides a virtually hands-free way to use desktop and mobile devices, making it easier for everyone to express ideas, work comfortably, and stay productive.

Reserve your spot at the upcoming roundtable to hear a panel discuss the state of business accessibility in 2021, and how assistive technologies can help improve employee satisfaction, efficiency, and productivity.

It’s a stacked panel of experts, with speakers from the Business Disability Forum, the British Assistive Technology Association, and more. As well as talking about general accessibility goals, the roundtable will be diving into Dragon to explore speech recognition’s role in making the workplace more accessible – and you’ll be able to ask your own questions live.

Roundtable: Nuance Assistive Tech Leadership Series: Assistive Technology, the backbone of a successful business on 16 June 2021 at 11am GTM.

Nuance invites disabled people as well as businesses, schools and colleges and other organisations, to join them at their first webinar/roundtable conference on 16 June 2021 at 11am GMT

You can book your space here.

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