Virtual summit: DIAL Global to highlight trends and insights in diversity and inclusion

Global community DIAL Global will host the first of four free Global Summits on trends and insights in diversity and inclusion this February.

DIAL Global empowers leaders to make brave choices and take real action by equipping them with the insight, understanding, inspiration and personal support needed to create more open, diverse and inclusive workplaces.

Global Community DIAL Global will host the first of four free Global summits on trends and insights in diversity and inclusion this February (February 2022)


With this ethos powering the community, DIAL Global is now set to host Trends & Insights in Diversity & Inclusion on 16 and 17 February 2022. The virtual summit will feature senior leaders from FTSE and Fortune 500 Companies with headline and media partners including Co-op, Britvic, Fresenius Kabi, Marks & Spencer, Yahoo and Revolt London.   

The summit is an opportunity to learn the key to stepping up, to moving the DIAL and advocating for real and measurable change throughout 2022 and beyond. Bringing together influential voices, discussions during the summit will explore holistic diversity, inclusion, belonging, equity and trends coming up this year.

CEO and founder of DIAL Global, Leila McKenzie-Delis, says: “This February’s Global Summit is a critical, must-attend event for anyone working or interested in diversity and inclusion.

“Attendees will learn the newest trends and be enlightened, inspired and informed as we uncover the exclusive view into the future of 2022 and diversity agendas.” 

Globally, the last summit was seen across 180 countries and DIAL Global was present across 268 publications of mainstream and diverse media with over 12 million collective viewers.  


There will be exclusive ‘behind the scenes’ keynote speeches, panel discussions and speed networking. The event will see a series of discussions that aim to address some of the biggest 2022 trends surrounding holistic diversity, Inclusion, belonging and equity. Exploring: 

  • CEO Activist Pledge: Diversity, equity and inclusion is a societal issue, not a competitive one? How crucial is it to lead from the top, collaborate and make bold actions? Why is the CEO Activist Pledge key in 2022 and how will it impact the next generations? 
  • Holistic Diversity: McKenzie-Delis Foundation: Unlocking equal opportunities for all? Why is the McKenzie-Delis Review crucial in the D&I space to help drive change in large organisations? How do we remove barriers to broaden the areas of visible and invisible diversity that are tracked? Why is it important to track areas like age, religion, nationality, or mental health? 
  • Supplier diversity in 2022: How does a company sift through thousands of potential partners and figure out which ones are minority owned? How do you tell your existing suppliers that they aren’t diverse enough?  
  • The role of the Chief Diversity Officer: How are companies with this critical role winning and outperforming their peers in 2022? What initiatives and actions can ensure that companies are authentically serving a diverse customer base inclusively and equitably long-term?  
  • Sustainability ruled 2021 and will rule 2022: ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance): How diversity and inclusion will be critical to investors, governments, boards and consumers? What actions are needed to adopt a more ESG-friendly operational stance, that equips ESG efforts to long-term value creation and growth for the next generations? 
  • Generation Unlimited – Unlocking Generation Z in the workplace: The future of work? How can businesses adapt to the changing values and norms of different generations and continue to unlock their talent? Why must companies be ready to adopt a speed of evolution that matches the external environment?  
  • Hybrid Working: Are you prepared for hybrid work? As we move towards a new world of work, how does a company create a successful strategy for businesses and workers? Can we maintain a healthy hybrid team environment that delivers long term engagement that also promotes wellbeing too? Will hybrid work help or hinder our D&I agenda? 

Hosts of the upcoming event include Leila McKenzie-Delis, along with key speakers:  

  • Steve Murrells, Chief Executive Officer, Co op  
  • Ben Page, Chief Executive Officer , IPSOS  
  • Dean Curtis, Group Managing Director – Risk & Business Analytics at RELX 
  • Mike Perez, Group CEO , HH Global  
  • Ewen MacPherson, Group Chief People Officer, Havas UK  
  • Magda Yrizarry, Senior Vice President and Chief Diversity Officer, Verizon Business  
  • Jim Townsend, Chief Procurement Officer, Walgreens Boots Alliance 
  • Clare Thomas, General Counsel, Britvic plc 
  • Kelly Nagel, President & GM NA, Jabra 
  • Ricky Alfred, Director of Sustainable Business, Communisis 
  • Lisa Moore, VP, Head of Global HR Partnering, and People , Yahoo 

Full details of all the panelists, hosts and panels are available at  

Summit registration is now open 

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