Transport for London introduces face coverings exemption card

In line with government rules, face coverings like masks must now be worn on public transport. Transport for London have introduced a new card to help passengers inform staff if they are exempt due to medical reasons. 

Wearing a face covering

As life slowly returns to normal throughout the UK it is more important than ever to do your part and ensure you stay safe when out in public. This includes wearing a face covering when using public transport or taxis and private hire vehicles. 

Face coverings can be a purpose-made mask or can be made using items from around the home. This should cover your nose and mouth and can help reduce the risk of infecting others. 

Who is exempt?

Your local council or transport provider could have their own guidance on who has to wear a face covering on public transport, but there are exemptions.

Members of the emergency services might not be seen wearing a face covering, especially if they are responding to an emergency. 

Along with this, some members of the public, including people with a disability, are exempt from wearing a face covering.

If you or the person you are travelling with cannot wear, put on or remove a face covering because of a physical or mental illness or disability, or is providing a lip-reading service to a person they are travelling with, then they will be exempt from wearing a mask. 

Knowing if you are exempt can be especially helpful for people with breathing difficulties.

Face coverings exemption card

By introducing new face coverings exemption cards, Transport for London hope to make travel easier for people in these groups.

The blue cards can be shown to transport staff in London if you are asked why you are not wearing a face covering.

While the card can be downloaded and printed, you can also display it on your phone if you are asked to show you are exempt. 

As more public transport returns to normal it is hoped that more services across the UK will produce similar cards to ease the stress of travel. 

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