The need for good care during Good Care Month

Carers provide a lifeline for both the people they look after and unpaid carers. This Good Care Month we celebrate those continually giving back and call for more people in the profession.

Good care is continually expected in our society, no matter the age you are when requiring care.

And, for the carers working tirelessly to support people in their own homes, assisted living or on the ward, caring is one of the most rewarding career paths.

Every July, Hertfordshire Care Providers Association (HCPA) celebrate the dedication of carers across the UK during Good Care Month.

Sharing stories and experiences to challenge the stigma that can arise in the care sector, celebrating fellow members of staff, Good Care Month looks to get even more people into the profession.

At present, HCPA needs 4,000 paid annually. And, there are many ways your skills can translate into a caring role.


As unpaid carers rise, especially in the aftermath of the pandemic, so does the need for those working in a professional capacity in social care, particularly as the expanding ageing population and people living with complex disabilities need to be continually supported.

Experience as an unpaid carer could hold you in a good position to become a full-time, paid carer.

A Question of Care is a free website and questionnaire service that takes you through different care situations and questions, similar to those that would arise in a real-life setting.

From working with babies and young children, adults with a learning disability and/or autism to the elderly, the site provides a range of video situations where you can respond in the manner you think is accurate.

At the end of the scenarios, your responses will be collated to see if a career in care is right for you.


Skills for Care, an organisation working to support adult social care employers to deliver the care that is expected and required of care professionals, is on hand to help people start or progress their care career.

Becoming a carer is a career anyone can consider. As long as you are patient, compassionate and want to help people thrive, caring can be for you.

Not to mention, there are many caring roles available from becoming a care worker or personal assistant, to cook or kitchen assistant, housekeeping to working in an office or administration. These are all vital, integral roles needed to help keep those reliant on support safe, healthy and living fulfilling lives.

Additionally, Skills for Care can assist paid carers looking to transition to higher roles or different sectors in care. This could include becoming more specialised, such as training to become an occupational therapist, or taking short courses to learn about management.

With unpaid carers rising, the need to recognise and celebrate our paid carers providing support to clients and their loved ones has never been more important. This Good Care Month, will you look at changing career path?

Find out all about Good Care Month on the Hertfordshire Care Providers Association website. Advice on working in adult social care can be found at Skills for Care.

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