Staying active in your own home

With restrictions placed on how often you can leave the house, finding ways to exercise in your own home is key.

From helping you to maintain a positive attitude while at home to allowing you to complete everyday activities with greater ease, physical activity should be a key part of your daily routine during the UK’s lockdown to help prevent further spread of coronavirus.


Fitting physical activity into your daily routine is key to living a happy life. It is essential during time social distancing in an effort to reduce the spread of coronavirus or if you are self isolating for yours or your loved ones’ health.

It is thought that 30 to 35 minutes of low-intensity aerobic exercise just three days a week can boost positive mood, leading to increased enthusiasm and alertness: something everyone can do with at this time, especially if your office is now in your home.

Daily exercise has been likened to free medicine by the NHS, it is easy to do at home and has a host of health benefits like reduced risk of some major health conditions.


If you aren’t used to staying physically active in your own home it can feel like a daunting task, you might be unsure of where to start.

Looking at how you can adapt your daily tasks is a great starting point, you might already be fitting exercise into your routine without realising.

If you are able to use things in your home like steps think of these as your new exercise equipment. At-home exercises are inclusive and can be done by anyone, no matter their mobility or experience level.

Furniture like your bed or armchair can also be utilised for at-home exercises.


It is important to remember that you aren’t in this alone – everyone is trying to adjust and there is plenty of support available from your favourite charities. This doesn’t differ when it comes to staying active at home.

Doing exercises that are right for your ability and experience level is key to ensure you are exercising safely and effectively. Disability-specific charities are a great place to find this guidance.


Along with your favourite charities and the NHS, personal trainers, celebrities and influencers are sharing their favourite at-home exercises on social media.

The best part about these ideas and workouts is that they are completely free to access.

With popular fitness instructors like Joe Wicks, AKA The Body Coach, already leading free, online workouts for groups like school children, it is expected that more people will join this trend as the UK lockdown continues.

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