Sharing knowledge of acquired deafness during Deaf Awareness Week 2020

This week marks Deaf Awareness Week 2020 (04 to 10 May), a unique campaign where organisations promote their work within the broad spectrum of deafness.

Through online campaigns, Deaf Awareness Week (DAW) will see members of the UK Council on Deafness share facts and experiences of celebrating deafness, raising awareness of best practice and demonstrating change and positivity.


This year will focus on those who have acquired deafness during their life.

There are many reasons a person may experience hearing loss, from illness, such as meningitis, accidents, age, experience to extreme loud noises for a prolonged period of time.

Did you know: Construction has the second highest rate of occupational deafness.

Raising awareness of hearing loss and deafness, many organisations have created informative videos to show that anyone can experience hearing loss.


Deafness affects people in different ways, from mild, moderate, severe or profound. But raising awareness and information is essential to break down barriers and reduce stigma.

And change is happening. At present, BSL interpreters are being used during daily government briefings and the DWP have introduced a new video BSL service.

As we continue to be proactive during lockdown, why not learn a new language this DAW and learn BSL? British Sign Language are currently running their online courses on a donation basis of £3.

What do you wish more people knew about deafness or acquired deafness? Let the #EnableCommunity know on TwitterFacebook or Instagram.

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