Savvy shopping this Christmas

It’s just around the corner, but there is still time to get some last minute gifts in where you might end up going over budget. The festive season can see you dipping into savings or changing your monthly budget, we take a look at how to spend clever over Christmas.

Each year, the average UK household spends an extra £500 in the lead up to Christmas, including disabled households. The Purple Pound, the spending power of working age people with a disability, is worth around £249 billion, but the festive season can still make a dent in your bank balance.

Through planning and finding the best deals, you can keep your spending on track over Christmas and, in turn, reduce stress which could affect symptoms of a long-term condition or disability.


Accessible shopping is for all year round, not just for Christmas, but during this busier period it can be a daunting task, especially if you are visiting somewhere new to go gift shopping.

These trips don’t have to be difficult – before you set out to your local shopping centre or supermarket research what support and assistance is available.

Look out for retailers that are Disability Confident, this means that they realise the potential of disabled people as both employees and customers.

If possible, check shops’ accessibility online or over the phone before you visit, or use an app like Welcome by Neatebox which allows you to communicate your specific accessibility requirements to staff members before you arrive.


For both shopping and spending over the festive season, planning is essential. Set yourself a budget for all things Christmas, from gifts to cranberry sauce, ensuring you have enough money to cover the outgoings you are responsible for each month.

If you spend money on equipment, activities or therapies for yourself or someone you care for it is essential that this is considered before setting a budget.

Spending within your means will see you starting a New Year without the post-Christmas blues.


Searching for the best deals and shopping around can save you money over the festive period. There is a host of sites, like Hot UK Deals, which compare offers and pricing on everything from turkeys to your friend’s favourite perfume.

Quality time spent with friends and family will always be valued more than physical gifts.

While there are no specific grants or funding to cover the cost of Christmas there are grants available for family holidays and recreation.

Family Fund provides grants for families in the UK who are raising a disabled or seriously ill child aged 17 or under. The grants can cover days out, family breaks and technology that might usually be outside your spending bracket.

As we enter the season of giving, there are simple methods in place to ensure you leave everyone smiling around the Christmas tree without causing unnecessary stress and hassle on and off the high street.

Find access reviews and information on a shop accessibility on Euan’s Guide.

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