Raising awareness of all disabilities this July during Disability Pride Month

July marks Disability Pride Month, an annual, global event working to shine a light on physical, learning, hidden disabilities and mental health conditions.

Disability Pride Month flag

Disability Pride Month looks to celebrate disability as an identity by sharing the experiences of the disabled community.

Additionally the month long event is a chance to share the joy and pride that disabled people can bring to their local and global community.


During Disability Pride Month, by raising awareness, it looks at how different organisations, charities or even members of the non-disabled community can become more accessible to people living with long-lasting health conditions, disabilities or mental health conditions.

First started in 1990 in Boston, Disability pride Month was launched. In 2004, the first Disability Pride Month parade was held in Chicago.

From Chicago to Brighton, UK, the month long celebration and awareness even works to change the conversation around disability.

In the UK, there are 14.1 million people living with a disability. However, the community, carers or professionals providing vital support experience many barriers.

During this month, it is a chance to spotlight what more needs to be done, or is currently in place, to make the world accessible for the disabled community.


Across social media, many members of the disabled community are celebrating their disabilities and reclaiming the word ‘disabled’.

Associated with self-esteem, pride and confidence, Disability Pride Month is a month of enjoyment, education and activism to highlight that the disabled community should not be ‘other-ed’ or left behind.

This Disability Pride Month, what makes you proud?

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