Our pick of the European Championships’ Festival 2018 events in Glasgow

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Festival 2018 is the cultural side of the first European Championships taking place in Glasgow this summer. Alongside the sporting calendar, which runs from 2-12 August, cultural events will take place across the city. We’ve rounded up our top picks.

What Am I Worth?

What Am I Worth? is an outdoor circus show by company Extraordinary Bodies. Seven artists will dance, fly, catch, play and sing on a flying, tipping, and spinning stage, as they try to understand what it means to value each other in a world of instant judgments.

The show has been created with the help of 150 people from across the UK and Ireland. In Glasgow, people from the local community will perform in the show which will be audio described and sign language interpreted. Touch tours are also available an hour before each show.

4th – 5th August

2pm – 6pm

Credit Paul Blakemore

Glasgow Mindfulness Centre presents: Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction

Glasgow Mindfulness Centre will be on site at Glasgow Green to help you de-stress and focus on the current moment. Sessions will work ok acknowledging and accepting your thoughts, feelings and bodily sensations.

2nd – 10th August

10am – 5:30pm

Changing Faces

Changing Faces is a collaborative project between a carer and volunteer at Enable Glasgow and Fortune Works and artist Sarah Leonard. Together they work to empower people of all ages who have a learning disability.

Sarah will paint or draw portraits of individuals and groups who will then use sequins, lights and other materials to decorate them. The experience helps people to express their individuality and invites them to talk about their experiences.

The portraits will then be displayed in a public exhibition at Project Ability from the 9th -12th August 2018.

Indepen-Dance Impulse Relay

The Indepen-dance Young 1’z group are working in collaboration with musicians from Sensatronic Lab to present an innovative experience that challenges the accepted perceptions of dance, music and expression. Impulse Relay was created under the direction of choreographer Cheryl McChesney, alongside Independence-dance and Sensatronic Lab, to create this innovative experience.

The group is comprised of disabled and non-disabled young people. Using cutting-edge digital technology, sounds are created from the dancers’ movements and blend with the musicians’ soundtrack.

The piece is inspired by themes of autonomy, confidence, pride and competition, all of which relate to the European Championships.

4th August

10:30am – 11am

For the full Festival 2018 schedule click here.

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