Mobility scooter users more than two and a half times more likely to be killed in a road crash

Mobility scooter riders are more than two and a half times more likely to be killed in a road crash compared to other road users, according to data from the Department for Transport.

Department for Transport (DfT) road casualty statistics show that in 2022, nine mobility scooter users were killed and 270 were injured in collisions on the UK’s roads.

Alarmingly, the figures show that over the last decade, mobility scooter casualties have increased by an average of 20 per cent, year on year.

The data has been released by Surewise, a leading mobility scooter insurance intermediary, as a warning to mobility scooter drivers and to other road users.

Surewise, which has insured more than 130,000 mobility scooters in the UK against theft and in the event of a collision, is so concerned about the safety of mobility scooter users that it has launched a ‘Safer Mobility’ Campaign.

The campaign aims to inform mobility scooter users about the risks they face when travelling on or near to the roads, and raise awareness about their vulnerability to all road users. 

The analysis of DfT data, conducted through the MAST Online* platform, revealed that in 2022, the top five locations where mobility scooter riders and pedestrians sustained injuries were:

Police force areaTotal casualties
West Midlands27

In that year, the nine mobility scooter rider fatalities occurred in the following police force areas:

Police force areaFatalities
West Midlands2
London (Met)1
South Yorkshire1
Greater Manchester1

Despite their vulnerability on the roads, new mobility scooter drivers are not legally required to undergo any form of training before using their vehicle in a public place.

Earlier this year, the findings of the largest ever study of more than 250 motorised mobility scooter users by Nottingham Trent University were published. Around 62% of those questioned in the research had not received any form of training, and of the 38% who had, most had received training around vehicle handling. Very few received training about the hazards they would face, with only 8% attending training on an inside course or completing outdoor training or observation.

Richard Hannan, Director at Surewise, said: “We were horrified to discover that mobility scooter drivers are more than two and a half times more likely to be killed in a road crash than other road users.

“And sadly, the problem only seems to be getting worse. Worryingly, the casualty data shows a steady increase in casualties year on year, and our claims team takes regular calls from distressed customers who have been injured in collisions.

“Mobility scooter users are very vulnerable, particularly when travelling on the roads, and, unlike cars and other vehicles, the driver has little protection in the event of a crash.

“Our Safer Mobility Campaign is dedicated to raising awareness, advocating for improved safety measures, and providing resources and support to enhance the safety of mobility scooter users on our roads.”

As part of the Safer Mobility Campaign, Surewise has produced a free mobility scooter safety guide and is giving away a free sticker pack bundle to make mobility scooters more visible. The free guide and sticker pack can be requested here: 

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