Mencap launches voting guide for people with learnig disabilities

Learning disability charity, Mencap, has created an easy read guide to voting in local elections, to give adults with learning disabilities all the information they need to know.

On 2 May this year, local elections will take place across England.

In a local election, people vote for who they’d like to be their local councillor – someone who makes important decisions about the community.

The guide covers different topics, including what voting is, how to register to vote, the different ways you can vote, dates to remember and a comprehensive guide to the terms and jargon used when talking about voting.


It’s important to vote in local elections, as different candidates represent different views, and when you vote, you choose the person that best fits your own opinions.

The councillors that are elected make up your local council.

Anyone over the age of 18 (16 in Scotland) can vote in local elections, as long as they are a resident of the UK and have EU or Commonwealth citizenship.

People with learning disabilities have the same rights as everyone else when it comes to voting, and it’s important to vote, so you can make sure your views are heard.

To find out more about Mencap’s easy read guide to voting, click here.

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