Let’s talk about dementia on World Alzheimer’s Day 2020

Today (21 September) is World Alzheimer’s Day, raising awareness of Alzheimer’s Disease, dementia, people living with the condition, carers and the fight for a cure.

This year’s theme is Let’s Talk About Dementia is encouraging everyone impacted by the disease to share their experiences.

World Alzheimer’s Day is part of World Alzheimer’s Month, encouraging everyone to become a Dementia Friend to raise awareness and understanding of the conditions.


Talking is an important tool, especially when it comes to Alzheimer’s Disease.

Through discussions people across the world will see that they are not alone in experiencing the condition first-hand, be that as the person diagnosed or as a carer or professional.

On the Alzheimer’s Society website, you can read the stories of people who have been affected by dementia – make World Alzheimer’s Day the day we break the silence. 

You can also become a Dementia Friend, where you can learn more about dementia so you can further help members of the community.


Unfortunately, many people living with the condition feel left out of society or forgotten. As a Dementia Friend you could help to not only raise awareness and understanding, but also help people with dementia to live the way they want.

Simple actions will ensure people are not left alone or forgotten – especially during these uncertain times we are living in.

Anyone can become a Dementia Friend, why not sign up today?


Music therapy is another wonderful tool that can be utilised to help bring back memories and sooth people living with dementia or Alzheimer’s Disease. 

In a bid to help boost memories for ethnic minority dementia patients, the BBC has created a catalogue of world music to help people from all cultures reconnect with their memories.

The BBC Music Memories project is being supported by producer Naughty Boy, whose mother is also living with the disease.

Within the back catalogue of music, people can choose to listen to a range of genres. From classical music, international music, to theme tunes and social music, users can create a playlist and get involved in the BBC Music Memories survey.

Each Memory Radio also comes complete with an activity guide to follow on with music and discussions that take place during each time period.

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