Leak-proof confidence with Modibodi

Committed to helping people with diverse needs feel period confident, Modibodi is the leading leak-proof underwear product on the market to meet the needs of all bodies and abilities.

Once a month women and people with a cervix experiencing menstrual bleeding can face a costly and uncomfortable experience. This discomfort and expense can be the same for those living with incontinence issues. For disabled people, additional barriers may arise.

Changing conversations around periods, bladder-leaks and discharge, Modibodi is providing products that are created for periods, incontinence, sweat, pregnancy and postpartum – not to mention, good for the environment.


Did you know: it is estimated that over 100 billion menstrual products end up in landfill annually. Modibodi briefs are helping people individually and environ-mentally, one brief at a time.

Modibodi’s reusable leak-proof clothing provide a sustainable solution to manage life’s leaks.

Designed with every ‘bodi’ in mind, the reusable products have been created to replace disposable pads, liners and tampons.

Taking a range of absorbencies into consideration for women, teenagers, men, and babies, products are suitable for day and night wear, with options available for heavy-overnight protection, light leak proof briefs, to 24-hour wear.


All the way down to the smallest detail, Modibodi do not let their design falter. Every range is impeccably stylish and available in a selection of neutral or bright colours and black, high waisted, thong to full or bikini brief. Plus, you’re guaranteed to get the product that fits to your body thanks to the wide variety of shapes and sizes on offer.

Fitting and wearing like regular underwear, the fantastic range of products available from Modibodi is perfect for periods, bladder leaks and discharge. Created with breathable Modifier Technology, and made from soft, stretchy fabric, the future of leak free underwear products has finally arrived.

Each brief is designed to be comfortable and suitable for disabled people to those on the go, helping to replace all disposable products, not just for periods, but incontinence as well.

Set to add even more accessible products to their already excellent range, Modibodi will release their Adaptive Brief in August. Available in sizes six to 20, the Adaptive Brief will be suitable for heavy or overnight absorbency and comes with easy access in mind thanks to front tabs to open for removal, and elasticated loops.


When you wear Modibodi products, you’re not just keeping clean and saving the environment. Customers can help to donate a pack of five pairs of reusable, leak-proof underwear into the hands of people in need – worldwide.

Modibodi customers have already helped to donate more than 27,000 pairs to date, with an expected 100,000 packets of underwear set to be sent to 20,000 people in 2021 alone.

Affordable, environmentally friendly, accessible and available to all ages, genders, and shapes: it’s time to get underwear confident with Modibodi.

Take a look at the products available from Modibodi by visiting their website or follow on Instagram, @modibodi.

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