Keeping spirits positive with Care for Veterans

Care for Veterans pride themselves on the level of care they provide, and the team share why COVID-19 isn’t standing in their way of care.

Over the last few weeks we have all witnessed staff and colleagues throughout Care for Veterans being under tremendous pressure.


Staff have been working hard around the clock to ensure our residents are looked after, in the same caring way we strive for, and we are immensely grateful for that.

Care for Veterans staff go above and beyond to do the right things by our residents; we could not be more proud.

This really has been a tough time for everyone. The residents cannot receive visits from their family or friends (except for those on end of life care), so staff have been doing all they can to keep spirits up.


The occupational therapy team have been running a daily exercise class for residents. They play music, the residents sit in the doorway of their rooms and the carers stand in each corner of the corridors. Everyone really enjoys it and it brings a smile to everyone involved.

The mother of one of our healthcare assistants (HCA) made a cake for the team on our Alexandra Wing as a thank you for all of their hard work.

Acts of kindness are invaluable at times like these.

The grandchildren of HCA, Tracey, on Alexandra Wing, created these wonderful pebble paintings for the residents to help keep them smiling.


Our kitchen and support staff are also working hard to maintain our residents’ health and wellbeing during this difficult time, whilst smiling the whole time. 

HCA, Micky, on our Norfolk Wing, shared a moving story with us. She said: “We have a gentleman with us at the moment, in his 50s, on end of life care. His Mum came to visit the other day, maybe to say goodbye, you never know.

“She had one person escort her in and the door was shut behind her. Just one example of how things are.

“At the moment, we [the healthcare staff] are the residents’ family because they cannot have visitors, and this is going on all over the world.”


We would like to give sincere thanks to every single one of our doctors, nurses, healthcare assistants, therapists, support and maintenance staff – those on the front line, providing all the necessary and vital services to keep our veterans safe and healthy.

Many thanks also to all of the management, fundraisers, reception and admin staff behind the scenes, who have adapted their working processes in order to keep Care for Veterans running as smoothly as possible.

The veterans and staff at Care for Veterans wish all our supporters, and everyone everywhere, the very best during these unprecedented times. Please stay safe and healthy.

Learn more about the services available at Care for Veterans here.

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