Invacare announces new sponsorship plans for Küschall with Paralympic athletes

Mobility product manufacturer Invacare announces that elite British Paralympic athletes Hannah Cockroft MBE and Nathan Maguire will become sponsored for its premium active wheelchair brand, Küschall.


As competing athletes, the impact of wheelchair technology on performance is important to Hannah and Nathan. Equally as important in their day to day lives as their sporting careers, Hannah and Nathan also needed the best possible performance from their day chairs. 

With an important year in the sporting calendar, the couple will both receive a Küschall Super Light (KSL) to their exact specification to support them with their busy schedules and highly active lifestyles, which also takes them travelling widely. 

Hannah and Nathan have chosen this model due to the lightweight build and rigidity of the hydroformed frame which provides an unrivalled driving performance, offering an energy efficient drive in an ergonomic design. 

Lisa Cook, marketing manager for Invacare, says: “I am delighted that Hannah and Nathan have chosen the KSL for their everyday chair.

“Their active lifestyle and positive ‘can do’ personalities, perfectly match with the core brand values of Küschall – ‘Unlimit you World’.

“Hannah and Nathan will be working closely with the Invacare team to support the brand with a series of communications and personal appearances.” 


The KSL is Küschall’s flag ship product and the chair of choice for many active wheelchair individuals, with its cutting-edge technology, modern design elements and precision ‘made to measure’ specification. 

Speaking on the new sponsorship, Hannah and Nathan said: “As everyday active wheelchair users, it’s so important for us to have the right equipment to meet our needs.

“Even though our disabilities present us with very different difficulties in everyday life, the KSL provides us both with a lightweight wheelchair that we can handle easily both at home, out and about and in training.

“We know how important it is to have a wheelchair that fits the users’ needs and the KSL definitely does that through its drive performance and precision. It feels like an extension to our bodies and helps us to live independent lives. We can’t thank Invacare enough for their support in this important year.”

Hannah and Nathan have created their new KSLs using Küschall’s innovative 3D visualiser, which can be found online

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