Government calls on new public buildings to have Changing Places toilets

Government proposals have called on new, or majorly refurbished buildings used by the general public to have mandatory Changing Places toilets installed.

From shopping centres, supermarkets, sports and art venues: all large buildings open to the public will be called to have the accessible feature.


The move comes after the Changing Places campaignhas been advocating for more Changing Places toilets since 2006.

There are over a quarter of a million people living across the UK who can’t use a standard accessible toilet, the introduction of Changing Places toilets can instantly make a premise more accessible to the 14 million people living with a disability. 

In order to use the toilet in a safe and dignified manner, Changing Places toilets are imperative.

Providing more space, adequate equipment, and height adjustable changing bench and hoist: these small adjustments make a big difference.


Government proposals are set to see 150 new buildings receive Changing Places toilets. At present there are 1,300 – up from just 140 words in 2007. 

“Everyone should have the freedom to enjoy days out in dignity and comfort. For severely disabled people, this is made very difficult because there are not enough Changing Places toilets,” emphasises Local Government Minister, Rishi Sunak MP.

“We’ve made some progress, but I’m determined to increase the number of these life-enhancing facilities, so people are given the dignity they deserve. I’m pleased so many people will be helped by this major change.”

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