Getting involved with your community to tackle loneliness

Getting involved with your local community is the perfect way to tackle social isolation and loneliness for both you and your neighbours. We look at some of the ways you can meet new people both online and in your local area.

Social interaction is key to living a happy life, but it is especially important during times when you feel anxious or concerned at home. Feelings of loneliness can affect both your physical and mental health in the long run, but even a quick chat when you wait for the bus can make your day a little better.

In the community

There’s plenty of ways to meet people in your local community in order to build new friendships, from charity groups to activities at your local community centre.

Support groups and social groups organised by disability-specific charities are a great way to meet people who might have similar concerns to you. Charities including the MS Society, Alzheimer’s Society and Carers UK have dedicated groups throughout the country.

Community centres are a great place to find activities, support and meet new people. Your local authority will normally run a community centre in the area.

Getting to know your neighbours, inviting them over for a cuppa and a chat or even saying hello to someone at the bus stop can make a change to your day.


If you are unable to attend events, groups and activities in your community you can still access these resources online.

Social media is a great resource for connecting with like-minded people. Joining different hobby and interest-based groups allows you to meet new people who have something in common with you, making conversations easier.

Online forums and lounges are run by charities including Scope and Mencap exist so that you can discuss disability-specific issues as well as other things from your favourite movie to your latest achievement in work.

If you are feeling anxious or worried about current events, sites like Big White Wall let you speak about your concerns anonymously. This gives you the opportunity to chat to people who feel the same way but without any pressure.

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