Gain independence through the innovation and consumer centred products from Geberit

Boasting nearly 150 years of experience understanding and facilitating the needs of customers, Geberit is ensuring their expertise give people independence in the bathroom.

When making a commitment to any new product, it’s always so important to do the necessary research, and with any product designed to support customers in the Care market, it’s integral to know the product you’re choosing has been thoroughly tried and tested.

At Geberit, their goal has always been to create a product for the Care market they knew would make a guaranteed difference to the way customers live day in day out. So, Geberit set about investing their time and the expertise into making that goal a reality.


Founded in 1874 in Jona Switzerland, Geberit has over 146 years of experience in helping to understand the wants and needs of their customers; 150 years in the sanitary market, 50 years in designing shower toilets and 13 years in the UK Care market. 

But what does this mean? Geberit have taken every ounce of this experience, knowledge, innovation and continuous development and distilled it into the Geberit AquaClean Mera Care.


Geberit is also committed to listening to new ideas and is committed to draw on the knowledge of OTs and real-life situations, which the company know is crucial to driving their product and service. It’s doing this that allows Geberit to create a product that is designed, built and specified for you.

You shouldn’t compromise on quality or features, which is why we have dedicated our time, resource, and experience into developing a product that is right for you,” enthuses Simon Thomas, Geberit’s national sales manager for the Care Team. 

“That’s why the Mera Care draws on elements from the wider Geberit AquaClean range but holds its own as a dedicated product for the care market. 

“It’s this ethos that allows us to feel confident that the Mera Care is the right product for you as it’s been designed for to assist in promoting independence in the bathroom.”


Differing needs require different approaches and by understanding this Geberit creates products that is most suitable for your needs. 

For example, the Mera Care is a floorstanding model which is designed to better withstand the lateral forces from a side transfer, and the unique shower chair mode enables the Mera Care to be used in conjunction with a range of shower chairs, and benches.

Having the right equipment can create both dignity and independence in the bathroom, reducing anxiety and increasing confidence, as using the toilet becomes easier.

Feeling in control is a huge part of this, which is why the Mera Care can be operated the handheld remote, app or exclusively for the Mera Care, via the touchless wall panel.


Despite these differences, Geberit believe that innovation is not only the key to success but also should be shared. 

That’s why innovations from Geberit’s 50 years’ worth of development in the shower toilet industry have been integrated into the Mera Care. 

This includes the patented WhirlSpray technology which uses dynamic aeration to create a soft, gentle by targeted clean, and TurboFlush technology in which the asymmetrical inner geometry ensures the toilet is flushed out thoroughly and quietly.

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