Enable Magazine release colouring graphics to ease boredom during lockdown

At Enable HQ, we pride ourselves on bringing you the latest news, exclusive interviews, and discussions pertinent to disability. And we have a special treat for you to help ease boredom and get creative.

We can appreciate this is a challenging time, and you – or someone you know or care for – may be experiencing increased levels of stress.

It might sound simple, but there is one activity that doesn’t cost a lot of money and can be done from anywhere that will help relieve feelings of stress or anxiety and curb boredom.

Colouring in. And we have a treat for you…


In a time where routines are altered and concerns for a child or young person’s mental health is increased, colouring in pages and books are an excellent addition for children of all abilities. 

Each graphic (below) is free and easy to download to your computer (simply right click and then download). Then, print out the graphic and get colouring!

By colouring in children not only have an activity that is entertaining and proactive to get involved with, concentrating on the image and the process of colouring is known to be beneficial for mental wellbeing and relieving stress.


From a colourful rainbow to designing what you want to see on the cover of Enable Magazine, it’s time to get involved and get creative.

It’s your time to become an Enable cover star. For the above graphic, you can design and draw what you think should be on the cover of Enable Magazine.

From your hero, or draw a picture of something you are doing that makes you feel good during lockdown, or even how you are feeling during this time.

We can’t wait to see what you put on the cover, make sure to send your finished design to denise@dcpublishing.co.uk and we’ll share some designs on our social media.

Make sure to show off your creativity to the #EnableCommunity on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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