Emmerdale actor with cerebral palsy calls for wider disability awareness

James Moore has called for greater awareness and knowledge on how disability can impact a person’s motor skills after he was wrongfully pulled over by police, suspected of drink driving.

Credit: ITV

Taking to Twitter to share his experiences, Moore – known for playing Ryan Stocks on the ITV soap – revealed that a member of the public called the police suspecting Moore of driving under the influence after seeing him leaving a restaurant with his girlfriend.

Living with ataxic cerebral palsy, Moore’s speech and movement is impacted.

Charity Ataxia currently run a campaign entitled Disordered Not Drunk to highlight how ataxia can disrupt the perception of people. 

Symptoms can include being wobbly, with assumptions a person is drunk commonly being misjudged.

Moore’s recent experience highlights the conversations that are still necessary in terms of understanding disability and how certain conditions can impact motor skills.

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