Disability campaigner recognised in New Year Honours

Disability campaigner, Jack Marshall, has been recognised in the New Year Honours list, being awarded a British Empire Medal for his work.


The 21-year-old, who has Moebius syndrome, has undertaken countless challenges, raising money for various charities in the process.

From sponsored runs and crossing the Humber bridge, to climbing the highest mountains in England, Scotland and Wales, and skydiving from 15,000 feet, Jack has raised awareness about important issues and causes throughout his journeys.


Bloodwise – a blood cancer charity –, Scunthorpe United Disability Trust, and the children’s charity DAISY LINCS are just a few of the charities that Jack has helped to support and raise awareness of.

Jack while fundraising for Bloodwise

As part of his campaigning, Jack also worked with his local MP, Andrew Percy, to go around the town of Brigg in a wheelchair, highlighting how inaccessible the area is for wheelchair users and other disabled people. He has also spoken at the House of Lords and House of Commons.


The 2020 New Year Honours have seen an increase in disabled people being recognised for their work: last year 5.9 per cent of people on the list were disabled; this year, the number almost doubled to 11 per cent, meaning 120 out of 1,097 recipients have a disability.

Timothy Fallowfield, a director at Sainsbury’s; David Hewitt, founder of Insensitive Inaction; and William Joseph Carter of Mencap were also recognised for their services to disabled people and disability awareness.

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