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Germany is so much more than just its big cities. Prepare to be amazed by the country’s breathtaking natural beauty, which ranges from the tranquil shores of the north to the rugged peaks of the south. In between, you’ll discover enchanting river valleys, sprawling forests, and over ten thousand shimmering lakes.

And the best part? Many of these stunning locations are fully accessible to wheelchair users and those with other disabilities, so everyone can experience the magic of Germany’s great outdoors. Accessibility is just one of the things at which Germany excels.

How to get to and travel within Germany

Flights to Germany are typically only 1 to 2 hours, and with so many budget airlines and airports to choose from, you’ll have plenty of options to select your next German holiday destination. In addition, many airports in Germany have an onsite railway station, making it even more convenient for you to reach the great outdoors, as well as medieval fairytale towns and castles.

The Deutschland-Ticket

In Germany many regional trains are accessible and on express trains a dedicated service team can pre-book assistance 24 hours in advance. The Deutschland-Ticket gives you unlimited access to all local and regional trains throughout Germany for only 49 Euros per month, and this includes local buses, trams and the underground. So, a holiday in Germany is not only accessible but also great value for money.

Tourism for all database

Germany’s “Tourism for All” scheme certifies and independently verifies all suitable accommodation facilities, tourist attractions, restaurants, and travel terminals, among many other things. This comprehensive and very useful database is available on the website of the German National Tourist Office.

Eifel National Park

The Eifel National Park is a protected area that has dedicated itself to creating an inclusive experience for all visitors, regardless of their abilities. The park is home to a variety of vibrant flora and fauna, including black storks, eagle owls, and wild cats. Spanning 110 square kilometres, the conservation area is allowing thousands of endangered animals and plant species to thrive with minimal human intervention.

Teutoburger Wald

The Teutoburger Forest boasts a plethora of historical castles, abbeys, and charming old town centres adorned with picturesque half-timbered buildings. Within the nature park, you’ll discover diverse forests teeming with majestic beech and spruce trees, as well as enchanting moors, dry grasslands, and heathland. The area boasts a wide range of trails that are readily accessible for those in wheelchairs.

Swabian-Franconian Forest Nature Park

The Swabian-Franconian Forest Nature Park, with its many forests, meadow orchards, gorges, and bodies of water, offers a unique cultural landscape. Here, several accessible hiking trails await you. The Black Forest, the landscape around Stuttgart, or the Swabian Alb are also beautiful areas to explore in a wheelchair. In Germany, nature is for everyone.

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