Advance the Paralympic Movement with BP

Energy company BP is celebrating 11 years of helping to advance and support the Paralympic Movement, and ignite the energy within.

Firm in the belief that human spirit is the most powerful energy of all, BP has released a new film featuring US wheelchair athlete Tatyana McFadden.

Following Tatyana through training, the film highlights the energy that Tatyana – and fellow Paralympians – have within themselves to reach the top of the podium.

Proudly advancing the Paralympic Movement for over 10 years, BP is at the heart of courage and being the best you can be for disabled athletes across the world. Having supported parasport since the 2012 Paralympic Games; working as a partner with the International Paralympic Committee and a number of National Paralympic Committees: BP is at the heart of parasport. 

Discover more about what ignites Tatyana’s energy within and find your flame, by visiting their website

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