2019 New Year’s Resolutions

To celebrate the start of 2019, we caught up with some of our favourite interviewees from the year gone by, and some new faces, to find out their New Year’s resolutions, plus their advice for the year ahead.


Founder of Finding Your Feet

I have already committed to getting back on a motorbike and back to driving a truck, both of which I used to do. I’ll definitely
do them in 2019 and I don’t need to train for months. I don’t ever have resolutions at New Year because my determined mindset is an all year-round thing and I always like to push myself whatever the date. I don’t like to take myself and my situation too seriously. One life, live it.



It’s taken me years to stop apologising for my disability. Saying sorry to my mum for giving up her career as a nurse to care for me; to friends for changing their birthday plans to be in an accessible venue; to the stranger in the shop who helps you reach what you want. So, for 2019 you need to be unapologetic. You need to stop feeling like a burden or a nuisance to others. People do things because they care, respect and love you. If they didn’t they wouldn’t come to your aid – it’s that simple.


Actor, musician and journalist

My New Year’s resolutions are to do more creative things, focusing on my music, art and acting. Also, to try to keep fit, doing more sit yoga as well as going swimming and maybe even finding a sport to take up. I’m going to party a bit more, which started in NYE when I went into central London to watch the fireworks for the first time.



In 2019 I hope to take part in as many film, TV, radio and theatre productions as I can and not let anything stand in my way whether in acting or general life. I also hope to be much more active in equal treatment for disabled people within the industry.



I’m definitely going to try and eat less chocolate! But, my best advice for the year ahead is do stuff that makes you happy, and make sure you have no regrets.


Blogger and disability activist

My resolutions for 2019 is to slow down. I had a very fast paced and exciting 2018 with incredible opportunities, but also personal challenges along the way. I hope to spend more time relaxing and appreciating the smaller elements of life. Don’t compare yourself to others, it’s exciting to take your own path through life.



I must stay positive when I am slogging away learning hundreds of words – it is not easy for me. I must not forget what a privilege it is that I am able to do what I love. I do work very hard and every day has a schedule. Smiling makes people around you feel better and that’s good I think. Be determined to be happy and have a great 2019.



My resolution for 2019 is to be kinder to myself: too often, when you have a disability, you can lock yourself into a cycle of negativity that is based on others’ expectations of you. This year, I hope to encourage myself and others to be more positive towards ourselves.


Former rugby player

Wear more tartan! No seriously, continue to keep up the fight and push to fund a cure for Motor Neurone Disease (MND). Also, I plan to spend more time with my family, whether they like it or not. Keep fighting, and think positive thoughts. Use it or lose it, and power to the elbow.



My resolution for 2019 would be to stop doubting myself, I sometimes let my disability hold me back on doing the things I love and I would encourage other people with disabilities to not let yourself do that. You need to try and live the fullest life possible without letting anything stop you.


Comedian known as Lost Voice Guy

My resolution for 2019 is definitely to take it easier. 2018 was such an amazing year for me and I haven’t had the chance to sit back and enjoy what I’ve achieved yet. I would encourage all Enable readers just to go out and try to live their dreams. I’m proof that anything is possible!


TV Personality

I always want to be a better person and a fitter person. I do the former and I’m still working on the latter – as I guess most people do. I will probably make the same resolutions this year and I hope everyone has a wonderful New Year and we all be kind and caring to each other. Have a wonderful 2019 and always think of others.




Amongst others, my resolutions for 2019 are to read more books and walk more!



I never really stick to my resolutions, instead this year I’ve made goals I would like to achieve in 2019. Giving back is very important to me and I’m hoping to participate in more volunteering opportunities; finish my ever-expanding reading list; and watch the rest of Game of Thrones. Also, to continue working hard so our magazines can be the best they can be!


Graphic Designer

2018 was such a fab year for me, and I’m excited for what the year ahead has in store. As a small business owner I’m looking forward to growing my products, which is always a thrilling time. I’m also determined to advance my culinary skills; plus, do more charitable events after I had so much fun doing the Kilt Walk last year (all 23 miles of it).


Staff Writer

For 2019 I’ve set myself three goals to stick to. I would love to learn a new language by the end of the year, spend more time reading books than scrolling through social media, and get more/better sleep. Four to five hours of shut eye isn’t enough to keep up with everything exciting going on at Enable HQ.


Staff Writer

2018 was such an exciting year and I want to keep up the momentum into 2019. My main goals are to visit at least five places I’ve never been to before; spend less time aimlessly scrolling through social media; start learning a new language and eat less pasta (although I think the last one will be a struggle).


Sales Director

What a whirlwind 2018 was! I was so lucky to get to travel to lots of far of lands last year, and that is a big aim for this year, too. First on the list is Japan.


Sales Executive

My goals for 2019 are to lose weight to feel great. I also want to do something once a month that I’ve never done before.


Sales Executive

My New Year’s resolution was not to make any New Year’s resolutions, which I have already broken by making a resolution not to make any resolutions.

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