Top Tips for Maintaining Your Mobility Scooter

So you’ve got your mobility scooter and you’re feeling like Macklemore on his moped riding Downtown… Purchasing a mobility scooter can provide an entirely new level of freedom for many people, allowing you to travel independently of others. You can go where you want, when you want and you don’t need to reply on someone else’s help.

The last thing you want is a broken down mobility scooter due to neglect. It’s incredibly important to maintain your scooter in order to ensure it stays in a safe and functioning condition for as long as possible. And repairs can be expensive – let’s make sure it doesn’t come to that.

We talked to who specialises in cover against breakdown, accidental damage, and cover for battery chargers, on its top tips all mobility scooter users should be following below.

Charging Your Battery

Your mobility scooters battery is an essential component to maintain on a regular basis in order to extend its lifetime as long as possible.You should only need to replace your scooter’s battery every two or three years. So, to keep it in great condition, you need to do two things. Firstly, prevent your battery going flat in the cold by fully charging it at least once or twice a week. And secondly, top your battery up after use by charging it back to full charge.

It’s also a good idea to charge your scooter overnight to prevent the battery from going flat.

Cleaning Your Mobility Scooter

It can be very easy to get your mobility scooter covered in dust, dirt and debris from day-to-day use. The roads are so dirty! Simply wipe your scooter down with a damp cloth after you come home and and consider giving it a more in-depth clean once every few months. Not only will it look brand new, but it will stop any dirt clogging up the motor.

Pumping Your Tyres

There are a number of different tyres used for mobility scooters, so be sure to have a look at your manual to find out what type you have.

If you have pneumatic tyres, you will need to inspect them for punctures, pressure, and wear and tear. Simply monitor the air pressure of your tyres and pump them up when required.

Secure Storage

Finally, storing your mobility scooter in ideal conditions is a great way of maintaining your scooter and ensuring it stays functioning for longer.

A dry and clean area is ideal storage. If you have to store your mobility scooter outside, use a cover protector to keep your scooter safe and dry.‘s mission is to help and protect customers against the unexpected by providing great quality mobility scooter insurance that has cover for multiple riders, so you can live life confidently! For more information, click here

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