Tommy Hilfiger launches its spring adaptive fashion line for disabled people

The fashion industry has been under fire recently for leaving out disability in its efforts to become more diverse, but US brand Tommy Hilfiger is embracing disability this spring. It has set the tone with its launch of its third adaptive fashion line and we can only hope that other fashion brands follow suit.

The amazing ad campaign is a colourful, joyful and fun. It’s not only for disabled people, but the models are high profile people with disability, too. The line up includes Paralympic gold medalist Jeremy Campbell, dancer Chelsie Hill, motivational speaker Mama Cax and chef Jeremiah Josey, all looking fab and fresh in Tommy Hilfiger apparel.

Whether you just want practical clothing, or you like to express yourself through your fashion choices – we all wear clothes every day. And it’s important that not only everyone is represented in the fashion industry – whether that’s in front of the camera, behind it, or in the products. Disabled people are a huge market and the fashion industry needs to cater to them – and it will also bring in a lot of money for fashion brands. It’s really a win/win situation.

Accessible clothing has the reputation of putting practicality before style, but Tommy Hilfiger shows that you can do both. The Adaptive Collection is full of Tommy Hilfiger’s signatures stripes and use of colour, and the inclusive design solutions never compromise on style. There is velcro and magnets instead of buttons, and easy-open necklines to make it stress free to get in and out of clothes, too.

Credit: Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy Hilfiger, which partnered with Runway of Dreams, a non-profit organisation started by Mindy Scheier which aims to empower people of all abilities through fashion. Mindy started Runway of Dreams when her son, who has muscular dystrophy, complained that he couldn’t find jeans like his friends wore to school. Mindy then began reaching out to open designers… and the rest is history.

Credit: Tommy Hilfiger


Tell us what you think of the fashion collection and what your favourite item of clothing on Twitter. Shop the Adaptive Collection here.

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