Promoting online inclusion during Global Accessibility Awareness Day

The disabled community is 50 per cent more likely to face barriers to online services. This Global Accessibility Awareness Day, it’s time to advocate for improved online inclusion.

With 14.1 million people across the UK living with a physical, sensory, and/or learning disability or mental health condition, it is imperative that more focus is made on accessibility.

This Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD), taking place on 20 may 2021, the event is calling on everyone to talk, think and learn about digital access and inclusion for disabled users online.


Now in its tenth year, GAAD is educating the online community on the barriers many disabled users face when going online. Watching videos, posting on social media or trying to find information on services they require, figures show that more than 50 per cent of disabled people face barriers to accessing online services.

As part of GAAD, in 2020, WebAIM analysed one million home pages for accessibility concerns, and the statistics highlighted just why GAAD is still so imperative.

Within the WebAIM Million Report, 98.1 per cent of website home pages had at least one accessibility failure.

The most common accessibility failures included low contrast text, missing image alternative text, empty links to empty buttons.

But, making the world wide web more accessible can easily be achieved.


From avoiding the use of too many emojis in online posts to including captions on videos, there are simple steps that can make surfing the web more inclusive and accessible for all users.

Disability bloggers and activists are also showing their top tips on how technology and the internet can be accessible for disabled users.

Unfortunately, there are many misconceptions on the power technology can play for the disabled community. Utilising apps and services available on your phone, including screen readers, to text-to-voice technology or sensory specific apps: technology is a positive tool for the disabled community.

It is for this reason that websites, online services and beyond need to be aware of their accessibility services. This GAAD, what more do you want to see happen to improve online accessibility?

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