Motoring: Taking care of your freedom with the Kia Sportage

Kia has designed the Sportage to make journeys simple and enjoyable for Motability customers. Find out how the Sportage could be your perfect travel companion.

The design of the Kia Sportage provides Motability customers the opportunity to take care of their freedom. Designed to make mobility easy, for example heating controls, they’ve used accessible rotary dials and easy-to-press buttons, so you don’t need to search through the touchscreen while on the move. Even the touchscreen has physical shortcut buttons to help make navigation easy.

The cabin has been designed with ample head and legroom to make it easy to get in and out. Then there are the seats, which have a high hip-point, are height adjustable, and are supportive without using oversized bolsters. That makes it easier to manoeuvre yourself into and out of the car. 

The boot floor lies flush with the boot opening. That means you don’t need to lift heavy items – such as a scooter or wheelchair – over a boot lip when unloading. The rear seats fold flat, too. And if you opt for the GT-Line S, the Smart Power Tailgate opens for you– which is perfect when you already have your hands full. Every Sportage comes with reversing sensors and a rear camera, too. So you can park with confidence. 

These are just a few examples of Kia’s design choices that take the stress out of travelling. Once you’re sitting comfortably and out on the road, you’ll notice the Kia Sportage comes equipped with some advanced features that we think you’ll also enjoy.

Cruise in comfort

Every Sportage is fitted with cruise control. So you can set your desired speed on those long motorway stretches. Better still, you can set a speed limiter during ordinary driving, so you’re always adhering to the speed limit on an unfamiliar roads. 

Safety and comfortability with Lane Keep Assist

For further peace of mind, the Sportage also comes with Lane Keep Assist System, which helps keep you in your lane. An advanced camera system reads the road markings, and if you begin to drift out of your lane without indicating, the car will warn you and gently steer you back on track.  

The apps you love in the car you drive

Using Android AutoTM and Apple CarPlayTM you can access the best parts of your phone on your car’s display. That means you can even choose to use Google MapsTM , Apple MapsTM or WazeTM for those longer journeys. Better still, you can operate the navigation apps using the car’s touchscreen or by using voice control.

Naturally, you can also make and receive phone calls using voice commands – and even ask Google Assistant or Siri to read you your messages and then dictate a reply. If you’ve had enough of the radio, you can also access your favourite Spotify or iTunes playlists. 

Telematics with UVO Connected Services 

The infotainment system also features UVO Connect, which gives you real time information on traffic, parking – including price and availability – and even petrol prices. You can also perform local searches to find your ideal restaurant or place of interest. 

The UVO Connect system can connect to your phone through the UVO app, which offers some useful additional features. For example, you can plan a journey on your phone, and then send the route to your Sportage’s navigation system. You can even use the app to find your car if you’ve parked in a large car park. 

The Kia Sportage is available with an Advanced Motability payment from £299 until the end of June. 

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