Hydrate for Health: Solving a drinking problem

Large numbers of vulnerable people are unable to reach, lift or hold drinks, leaving them at serious risk of dehydration. Hydrate for Health make it easy for vulnerable people to drink without assitance.

Hydrate for Health is the market leader in products designed to make it easy for vulnerable people to drink without help. Winners of the Queen’s Award for Enterprise: Innovation, Hydrate for Health have a range of products that solve the problem of dehydration for these people.

The Hydrant, The Sports Hydrant and The WaterDrop are helping thousands of people stay healthy, hydrated and independent.


The products have produced amazing results in care homes and NHS Hospitals, with an information video on The WaterDrop available now.

One user says: “My husband has Motor Neurone Disease and I can honestly say The Hydrant you gave us has transformed both of our lives. For him he is now able to drink on his own whenever he wants, we have taken him off saliva inducing drugs and he has not ended up in hospital with a urinary infection for six months (we used to be there every month without fail).

“For me, I now get to sleep all night whereas PH (pre Hydrant!) I was up six or seven times every night.

“It also means I have more time to do things and I am not worried when I do go out that he will be unable to drink. Thank you so much for making our very difficult situation somewhat more bearable.”

MS campaigner and activist Debbie Purdy was helped by Hydrate for Health before her death in 2014, she said: “The Hydrant is brilliant. It has to be one of the best gadgets I’ve ever seen – I go everywhere with mine. It clips on to my wheelchair all day and my bed all night. I can drink whenever I want without needing to get any kind of help.

“For anyone with a condition such as MS that makes it difficult to easily get a drink The Hydrant really is a no-brainer, it actually changes the way you live.

“I love it and would recommend to anyone who is bed or wheelchair bound and especially to those with a catheter fitted as it really does mean you can get through the right amount of fluids without a problem.”

Julian Stalley is a 56-year-old paraplegic T4 complete for the past 12 years, he says: “At night, I need to drink water frequently and thanks to The Hydrant, there is no more knocking glasses over, fumbling for bottles, or the bed remote to sit myself up , tipping water down my neck, waking me and unable to get back sleep. Now I am almost drinking in my sleep what a great relief.”

See what people have to say and read more reviews here.

To find out more visit the Hydrate for Health website, email contact@hydrateforhealth.co.uk, or call 0800 292 2382.

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