Get involved this World Autism Awareness Day

Today (2 April) is World Autism Awareness Day (WAAD), an opportunity to raise awareness about what autism is, the challenges autistic people might face and to celebrate the achievements of autistic people.

This year we are marking WAAD a little differently while staying home to stay safe, but there is plenty happening online and lots of campaigns and events you can get involved with.

Social media

Take to social media and post your best selfie wearing blue, the colour for autism awareness. Charities and organisations will be sharing the best blue snaps throughout the day.

You can also get involved by sharing a short video about what WAAD means to you, how you are celebrating and what you want people to know about autism.

Sharing information, events and facts from your favourite charities is a great way to inform others about autism and what challenges autistic people might face and how they can be overcome.

When posting on social media don’t forget to use #WAAD2020 and tag your favourite charities or organisations.


To celebrate WAAD you could take part in an online event or create your own doing something you love.

Charities like the National Autistic Society are providing resources so that you can start your own online event like a gameathon.

If you are an autistic individual, carer, parent or healthcare professional and want to learn more about autism on WAAD you could take part in an online workshop.

Workshops, like this one on emotions and autism, are a great way to learn and normally only last an hour or two.

You could also take part in a survey or questionnaire to aid new research throughout Europe.


Along with getting involved online you can run your own events and activities at home.

The National Autistic Society are urging people to get involved and crochet Trummie cushions or bake their favourite cupcakes then share the results on social media.

For more ideas on how to get involved visit the National Autistic Society website.

Share how you are marking World Autism Awareness Day with the #EnableCommunity on Twitter and Instagram.

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