Enable Asks… Kitty and Lucy Alexander

On today’s Enable Asks, former Enable cover star Kitty Castledine and her mother, Lucy Alexander reveal how they’re surviving in lockdown.

When we last spoke with Kitty and Lucy, we discussed their mother-daughter relationship adapting to Kitty’s disability and the importance of remaining independent.

And, the message of staying independent and maintain life as normal as it can be in these strange times is still prominent for both Kitty and Lucy.

This is what they had to say.

It’s great to speak with you both again, how are you adapting to life in lockdown?

Lucy (L): I have good and bad days, I really need to stay busy as it helps me feel happy. I’m sure there will be things about lockdown I will miss though when it’s over like the, ‘no pressure to wash hair, do makeup and get to location on time for filming.’

Kitty (K):  I think I’ve adapted quite well!

Being in a wheelchair, in a weird way, has helped me prepare for this, I guess it’s because I‘m used to not having the same amount of freedom as others without a disability.

It’s hard to stay sane during this time and I think going out for fresh air definitely helps you feel less ‘imprisoned’ in your home.

Can you offer any advice to our readers to help maintain positive mental health at this time?

L: To stay positive I’ve spent lots of time walking in the woods with Teddy, my dog, looking at nature and just enjoying where we live.

I’ve been setting little goals each day (ticking jobs from a to do list), and calling someone who might like a chat. Also, being with both my kids – who are in their teens – has been challenging, but overall brilliant to all have such quality family time.

K: I find that having a routine really improves your mental health. It keeps a structure to your day and keeps you proactive, instead of just waking up at 1pm… Something I am guilty of doing! 

Finally, what book, podcast, boxset or activity have you discovered over the past few weeks that you would like to share with our readers?

L: I’ve binge watched After Life and Normal People… And, of course, I’m addicted to most ‘home shows.’ I still watch Homes Under the Hammer!! 

I only watch the news in the evening now, as I was getting so consumed over COVID-19.

K: I find FaceTiming/ Zooming my friends and family to be very helpful, as it keeps me social.

I’ve also rekindled my love for table tennis, and I’ve started to learn how to play the guitar.

Although, I find that there’s nothing better than chilling out and (binge) watching a series on Netflix. I’d recommend; Orange is the New Black, Tiger King, Louis Theroux, and I’ve been told to watch Normal People on BBC iPlayer so will have to give that a good binge watch soon.

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