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Coronation Street star, Cherylee Houston took time out of her day to get involved with Enable Asks and share her experiences of life in lockdown.

The British actor, who has appeared on our screens for many years as Izzy Armstrong in Coronation Street, was diagnosed with Ehler’s Danlos Syndrome at the age of 24 when she was in drama school.

Cherylee has never let this diagnosis hold her back, going onto have a successful acting career, start her own charity – Triple C, which gets arts based education in schools for students with a disability – plus much more.

It’s wonderful to speak with you Cherylee, thank you for your time. How are you adapting to life in lockdown?

I found the first few weeks quite exhausting, I suppose for a different way physically for my body.

I feel that I’ve begun to adapt now, also we are all going slower because our brains are processing a lot. I am going moment by moment, as I find that quite often the best way for me with chronic pain.

Can you offer any advice to our readers to help maintain positive mental health at this time?

I am finding it useful to have particular missions or tasks for the day; I’m also making sure I sing – as that’s great for the serotonin.

I’m also discovering to try and stay in the moment so if I’m having a cup of tea I’m being in my body and enjoying the cup of tea, it sounds daft but it’s very mindful.

Finally, what book, podcast, boxset or activity have you discovered over the past few weeks that you would like to share with our readers?

I love the time to garden, I’ve been planting vegetable and herb seeds and that’s really enjoyable to see them starting to grow.

Like everyone I thoroughly enjoyed Tiger King on Netflix, I’d also recommend Call My Agent on Netflix and also we’ve been watching the box set of Spiral.

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