Channel 4 is highlighting the abusive comments left online to make people aware of their actions

Specially edited adverts that appear across Channel 4 have been edited to feature abusive comments posted about actors involved. The new adverts will be screened during tonight’s episode of Gogglebox.


At around 9:12pm tonight (7 September), a three-and-a-half-minute sequence will be broadcast depicting all the negative comments that have been posted online about the adverts.

This isn’t just nasty, throw away comments about someone’s fashion sense. Instead, the comments depict the shocking posts that followed adverts from Nationwide, Maltesers and McCain’s.


The adverts will all begin normally but soon the screen will appear to crack as more and more hurtful comments posted across social media appear.

Nationwide’s advert will feature performer Sugar J Poet, disability campaigner and actress Samantha Renke will appear in the Maltesers advert, and issues of homophobia will be addressed during the McCain’s We Are Family advert.

Matt Salmon, Channel 4 head of agency and client sales, said: “As social media has grown in popularity, so too has the environment in which more and more people feel it is acceptable to make vile, threatening and abusive comments.

“This unique brand collaboration highlights this important issue and demonstrates Channel 4’s commitment to championing diversity beyond our programmes whilst building on 4Sales’ industry leading reputation for delivering original and creative ad campaigns.”


After her appearance in the Maltesers advert, Samantha Renke received vile and derogatory abuse. Samantha, who has osteogenesis imperfecta, explains she is not “naïve to the world of trolling or online bullying.”

She said: “For me, I’ve never had people come up and say horrible things to my face, but the internet gives people anonymity. This Channel 4 initiative is sparking an important conversation and reminding us that we need to call out those who think it’s acceptable to hide behind a screen.”

This is a powerful move for Channel 4 to make and we look forward to seeing the response to the campaign. You can follow the initiative online by using the hashtag #TogetherAgainstHate to celebrate diversity.

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