Celebrating diversity during New York Fashion Week 2018

The world of fashion is slowly taking steps to inclusion of all body shapes and sizes. During this year’s legendary New York Fashion Week disabled models took to the catwalk to #RethinktheRunway.

Credit: Runway of Dreams


If you love fashion or simply pick the first thing that comes to hand, everyone can agree that looking good and feeling good starts with feeling comfortable in our own skin.

The fashion industry has not had the brightest history when it comes to representation but thankfully that seems to be changing.

Runway of Dreams Foundation works to promote inclusivity in the fashion world, on and off the runway. Premiering at NY Fashion Week, the show featured 30 disabled models all wearing the latest adapted fashion trends.


We all want wear our favourite jeans or jumper, and disability shouldn’t hold people back from doing so. Designers including Target, Tommy Hilfiger and Nike were all featured in the show.

The message was simple: wearing clothes that are on trend, comfortable and easily adapted to fit with everyone’s various needs.


Featuring various disabled models from across the world, the move has been hailed and applauded by everyone in the industry and beyond.

Not to mention American Horror Actress, Jamie Brewer, who has Down’s syndrome, had the message “we’re role models, not just runway models.”

Making bold fashion statements, none of the models let their disabilities get in their way.

Lady Gaga’s fashion designer all the way to futuristic and robotic inspired looks, this year’s NY Fashion Week packed a punch of inclusivity.

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