Amputee racing driver Billy Monger to race in new series

British double leg amputee, Billy Monger has been named as one of the latest entrants into the Extreme E championship, just under three years since his Formula 4 crash.

Billy Monger was a rising star in motor racing when he experienced a high-speed crash at Donington Park in 2017.

The crash left Billy as a double leg amputee, but Monger returned to the sport earlier this year with Carlin Racing in the Euroformula series.

When returning to the course, Monger has been driving a car with specially adapted hand controls.

Similarly, since his accident, Monger has been campaigning for disabled drivers to be allowed to drive competitively and to an elite standard in adapted cars.


Extreme E, set to launch in 2021, is an environmentally-focused racing series which will see 12 teams race off-road in fully electric SUVs across five remote locations worldwide, highlighting the effects of climate change.

Monger commented: “Fighting climate change is incredibly important. 

“Everything we do now will affect future generations. It’s definitely a responsibility, and one that I can’t and won’t just ignore.”

Labelled as the sister series to Formula E, Extreme E will see teams race over three days on routes designed with natural obstacles.

Following in Monger’s footsteps include ex-Formula 1 driver Karun Chandhok, W Series champion Jamie Chadwick, and European Rally champion Chris Ingram.

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