Watch as the UK comes together to #ClapForOurCarers

Last night, thousands of us around the country came together to clap for those on the frontline of the Coronavirus outbreak: the NHS medical staff treating patients, the carers, support workers and all key workers at this time.

An emotional gesture that brought the UK together in gratitude for those working hard to treat everyone affected by the virus. We’re bringing you some of the best videos of people saying thank you to those working for our NHS, and everyone supporting them.

Across the capital, it felt like the entire city was united in thanks for our NHS workers:

In Camden, London, though the shops were empty, local residents didn’t hold back in their applause:

Across Scotland, communities came together to cheer for everyone doing their bit:

Sky News brought us coverage of streest across the country stepping out and coming together, united in our support for the NHS:

And in Southampton, cars and boats at the docks showed their support, too:

Staff at Royal Mail, who are also working hard during the outbreak to ensure we can stay in touch with our loved ones and receive essential items in the post, showed their support:

And, some little Royals even got involved to show their thanks:

Not only were we clapping, but in some parts of the country, buildings and areas were turned entirely blue to raise awareness about the important work being done:

And the gratitude was felt by those working so hard to keep us and our loved ones safe at this time, as demonstrated by Craig, an NHS worker on the frontline in A&E:

And Tom was feeling the love on his way home from his shift working at hospital:

Did you join in the #ClapForCarers last night? Send us your videos over on Twitter and Instagram #EnableCommunity.

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