VOLUNTEERS WEEK: Celebrating volunteers and finding opportunities

Each year, 1 June marks the beginning of Volunteers Week, running until 7 June across the UK, volunteers will be thanked and celebrated for their efforts over the last year. Volunteers’ work is always valued but after their key role in the pandemic, now more than ever volunteers deserve to have their efforts recognised.

This week is a chance to thank them: 2022 marks the 38th annual Volunteers Week, and it’s taking place in the month of community, which is a time to encourage people to get involved in their local community’s activities in support. Multiple large and local charities support the cause running social media campaigns to promote the initiative.  

Showing support

If you would like to get involved in promoting the movement, you can use #VolunteersWeek to share your stories and experiences with volunteering, what it means to you and how you were inspired to get started. Share your posts on social media tagging @NCVOVolunteering to spread the word and help reach as many current and future volunteers as possible. 

Charity NCVO have shared a whole host of social media post imagery and content on their website that you can access and use to promote Volunteers Week on your own social media. 

Getting Involved

Although the main focus of this time is to thank current volunteers, it’s also an opportunity to discover the benefits of becoming a volunteer and the vast range of positions available. With a wealth of opportunities available both in person and digitally, there are little barriers to dedicating your time to others. Volunteering is also a great way to increase your social interactions and build new relationships. For many people, it provides routine, friendship and confidence.

Through volunteering, you could build useful skills, gain experiences and references that can be used to apply for a future job. Volunteer and charity organisations have a rich history of working alongside people with disabilities and are well equipt to support and adjust to your needs. 

Benefits of volunteering 

Volunteering is a great way to meet people and gain a new sense of confidence, you might even be trying something completely new. Learning different skills and taking on a new challenge is great for personal development and your own mental health. Helping people and feeling fulfilled in the process is a key benefit. 

Being a part of a community and making an active difference can instil a sense of purpose in your life, plus it acts as a way to socialise and make new friends if this is something you often find challenging. Forming meaningful relationships and giving back to important causes has been proven to aid symptoms of depression and build self-esteem, providing a sense of accomplishment and direction. 

If you’re interested in getting involved, you can browse volunteering opportunities through NVCO, Volunteering Matters and Reach Volunteering, or speak directly with a disability-specific charity you are aware of to see what they have available. 

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