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NHS England has approved funding for specialist sports prosthesis for children who have suffered limb loss or for those who were born with a limb deficiency.

The policy provides these children with the opportunity to engage in physical activity and sports, which will not only be hugely beneficial in improving the lives of many children but also promotes positive long-term health.


Izzy was rushed to hospital in an ambulance at the age of seven after contracting meningococcal septicaemia. Her condition was particularly serious leaving Izzy with less than a one per cent chance of survival and resulted in amputation to parts of both her arms and legs, making Izzy a quadruple amputee.

Now 15-years old Izzy, who enjoys spending time with her friends and learning new things like any other teenager, has been using her pair of pink Mini BladeXT’s since the age of 11, and they have helped her to get on and enjoy life.


Mini BladeXT was designed specifically for paediatric patients offering outstanding performance, ground compliance and improved comfort through the split toe and traction sole, while its C-shaped toe spring is primed for optimal energy response.

Whether it is going to school, spending time with friends, running, cycling or taking part in other sports Mini BladeXT covers it all.

With its fun design in dazzling pink or electric blue it’s the perfect choice for even the most demanding user, offering security and confidence in every step.

Izzy found that her pink Mini BladeXT’s made a significant difference.


Izzy found that her pink Mini BladeXT’s made a significant difference.

Izzy enthuses: “Firstly, I can stand still which I couldn’t do on any other blades. I have much better balance and the grip on the sole of the Mini BladeXT means I hardly trip or slip which is great.”

Shortly after being fitted with her Mini BladeXT’s Izzy started trampolining with her friends, after a few weeks she realised how good she was and has since won first place in all of the competitions she entered!

Not only does Izzy see the difference in her everyday life her friends do too and commented: “We love them, especially the cool design.”

Her family appreciate the impact that Mini BladeXT has made on Izzy’s life in terms of what she can do and how they aid her independence.

Izzy’s Mini BladeXT’s have given her the confidence to achieve anything she wants. She adds: “They are perfect for me as I can do everything I need to in them. I can run, walk and trampoline all in one pair of legs which I love.”

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